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Master Manufacturing Inc.

Excellent Quality with Magnificent Service


Master Manufacturing Inc, an ISO9001 registered company, and CAMSC certified minority owned business enterprise, offers over 30 years of custom steel fabrication, cut and sew experience with specialization in returnable steel racks, carts and bins for automotive use, and vinyl dunnage bags for painted, grained and molded in color automotive parts. It has widened its product line by offering similar services to aircraft, heavy machinery manufacturing, leisure, commercial and residential building, hospitality, mining, railways, defense, government organizations and energy industries. Being a custom shop, it can weld steel frames or sew heavy duty fabrics as per need.

With innovative ideas Master Manufacturing has been a leader in its area of expertise by coming up with new, more efficient and economical concepts. Some of it creative ideas included:
  • Design and production of full assembly running board racks using steel rack accompanied with dunnage bags. This was accomplished by reinforcing bags with metal bars passing through each shelf of the bag. Similar concept has been used with many other extremely heavy automotive parts
  • Lean Manufacturing: Conveyors, carts and bag for line side
  • Lean Manufacturing: Conveyors, carts and bag for line side
  • Design and fabrication of drawer style racks for window molding used bu Saturn Corp
  • Several robotic loaded racks needed high precision and close tolerances
  • Racks and carts for windshield and window glass
  • Rotating carts for wire harness

Lines of Products
  1. Returnable steel racks, carts and bins for automotive, commercial and residential buildings, recreational industries, hospitals and airport baggage handling carts.
  2. Vinyl bags for automotive, leisure and aircraft parts, for use with the racks.
  3. Vinyl curtains for automotive racks, food carts, mining industries.
  4. Fabric sleeves as steel covers
  5. steel beams, trusses and structural frames
  6. Various covers including BBQ, air conditioner, food carts, cargo carts, beds, pool and spa covers.
  7. Contract sewing for specialized products.
  8. Fascia covers and small pouches used in packaging of automotive parts
  9. Custom steel fabrication.
  10. Cut and sew services as per design and customer requirement
  1. Guaranteed lowest price
  2. Best quality and service using ISO9001 procedures: Each product and process goes through a set of quality assurance procedures. Customer satisfaction up to fullest extent is company’s goal.
    • Design: Company has the capability of designing new products from concept to completion stage with the use of latest CAD software
    • Prototyping: Prototypes are made based on the customer approved concepts by highly trained associates. Testing can be done at Master’s facility or can be delivered to customer’s site for approval.
    • Retrofitting: Existing product can be modified to suit new requirement. The company has the capability to redesign previously made Items so that these can be made to suit to new requirement. This includes re cutting and restructuring of items.
  3. Fabrication: All the products are manufactured at its 45,000 sq. ft. facility located near Person Airport in Mississauga. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and processes.

Services Offered
  • Product design based on customer supplied math data using Solidworks, UG/NX, Catia software and loading data in customer’s central hardware system.
  • Prototyping, validation (shake test) synchronizing for extreme road conditions during transportation and certification for load and stacking capacities
  • Preparing first article before production using jigs and fixtures and quality certification for production run.
  • Fabrication for small, medium and large size production runs
  • Repair and retrofitting